I had less time during the week than normal.  (For the boring details you can read them here.)  So I haven’t had time to play much during the week.  And this weekend has been packed with errands, obligations and homework.  But early this afternoon I knew I needed to spend at least a little bit of time in my art room (notice I’m no longer calling it my “scrapbook studio”).

I did FINGERPAINTING today! WooHoo! How fun is that?

Figured I’d do a page and see how it turned out — started with the blue/yellow page — but then I got on a roll and ended up doing three pages. Just laying down some paint and background color basically. Getting my hands dirty and just playing around.

This one is my favorite — pink and burgundy paint.

Blue and yellow do not always make green, sometimes it just blends into a bluish-yellow.

I was surprised I liked the orange and red combo so much. Very bright and energizing.


The pink and burgundy one remains my favorite. But now that I’m doing these I’m not sure I love the idea of using a spiral bound journal — I can see what people mean when they say they want something without that obstruction in the middle of the page layout.

Next weekend maybe I’ll actually go back and start filling in some of these backgrounds with collage and words and doodles and stuff.