Hi!  I’m Pam.

I’m a designer, creator, photographer, writer, and kind of a health nut. Thanks for stopping by my site, take a few minutes to look around. A little about me:


During the day I work as the lead designer for the in-house graphic services department at a large organization. And all the rest of time I’m also working on design projects for local businesses and organizations. Plus, somewhere in there I find time to play with art supplies and get my hands dirty. I’m living the dream!  

I spent the first 15 years of my career as an administrative assistant which has given me the organization and project management skills to deliver outstanding products on time and within budget. I’m also a certified event coordinator which gives me the ability to translate your vision into just the right balance of fun and effective visual design for special occasions, seminars, marketing campaigns, and much more. Check out my portfolio for a sample of my work.


I love hanging out with my photography club, going on photowalks or just exploring new haunts with my camera. Sometimes I even plan vacations around which locations are the most photo-worthy.  If you’re looking for a photographer for your next event or project, I’m your girl. I shoot conferences, parties, or special events. I’ve even been known to chase recycling trucks around town in pursuit of the perfect shot. Check out my personal photo gallery.


Yes folks, I’m a published author. Even I can’t believe it when I say it out loud!  I’m also a longtime blogger and seasoned copywriter and have the unique ability to capture the reader’s attention with messages that provoke action. I can help you with your writing needs including website content, brochures, reports or other marketing materials. Not to mention press releases, social media and email campaigns.  To check out my book, it’s available for sale on Amazon.


I’ve come a long way! Nearly seven years ago I was 100 pounds overweight and unhealthy. Today I’m maintaining a 100 pound weight loss and I’m healthier than ever! It was the hardest thing I ever did, but I’d do it all over again. These days my healthy habits are routine and just ingrained in my everyday life. I strap on my walking shoes a few times a week and hit the trails after leaving the office. I surround myself with a community of people who are on the same path to better health. Journey to a Healthier Me is a blog I started in 2006 when I started this health kick. The blog is dormant now, but the archives are still there if you’re curious to check it out.