This time of the year is really crazy for me. I have a client who hosts a big golf outing every year and I handle all of the graphic design for that project – as well as sitting on the organizing committee to help with general event logistics and handle the technical aspects of the website registration system. I put in about 80 hours in the week or so leading up to the event. It makes for a very season and it takes several days to recover and get back to normal.

I’m writing this from the chiropractor’s office. I just got an adjustment and I’m waiting for the massage therapist to take me back in a bit. I’m always very sore after spending so much time hunched over the computer screen for so many hours in a row and then spending a long day on the golf course to work with the rest of the committee on whatever needs to be done. My chiropractor always works magic and today he said that I really, really needed that adjustment because I “had a rib out” and my elbow was way out of whack. Gee, no wonder I was sore! This little visit will go a long way to getting me back to normal. And it’ll be nice to regain my focus on what else is going on in life and get back into a normal routine.

Do you have time in your life when everything else has to fade away so you can focus on just a single thing until it’s done and you can get your life back again? Maybe it’s a big event like mine, but maybe it’s just a season in life that comes around once in a while like a wedding or family reunion or maybe back to school season when you have to get the kids ready for their school year.

Focus on one thing at a time…

One of the big decisions I had to make in my life recently is that when something comes up and it needs my full attention, that I just need to give it my full attention and stop worrying so much about all the other things in my life that might also need my attention. I can’t be everywhere at once. I can’t be everything to everyone all the time. Instead, it’s healthier if I just pay attention to what’s in front of me at the moment and give it all my energy. Then when that thing is over, I can refocus on the rest of the things in life that need my attention again.

Sometimes you just need to have a laser focus on one thing and let everything else wait until you’re done. Trying to do it all at once is just going to stress you out and cause unnecessary anxiety. But if you be present in the moment and let yourself be fully in the thing you need to give energy to, you can get through that pr0oject and finish it. 0

My motto right now is “explore and be present” — the big part of that is to be present. Live in the moment you’re in. Give your energy to what is happening right now and stop worrying about all the rest of the things that can wait for another day.