This past fall the monthly assignment from my photography club was “panning.”  Except I didn’t know how to do that.  It’s where you stand in one place while the subject of the photo is moving and you follow the subject with your camera while smoothly panning to capture the action.  This results in a blurred background and an in-focus subject.  I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say over the course of a few weeks I took over 1,000 shots that were all crap.  Then finally on the day of the club meeting I got this shot after finally figuring out the right settings and technique.  And now I can hit a panning shot every time I try.  It’s fun to learn stuff like that!

Here are some other photos from the same shoot.

Want to learn how to do this too? Check out the tutorial at DPS – Digital Photography School.



In other news… remember the Mini Doodle Book I made and posted about last week…. I finally finished that project.  Even though it was about “zendoodling” the process wasn’t very zen-like.  I was on a deadline to have the project turned in as a class sample.  Now I can get back to real zendoodling in my Moleskine.

I also made a similar mini book… but it was mini-er.  I designed the pages to be a place for me to track my food intake, exercise, calories burned, etc. Then printed the pages doublesided and assembled a little Log Book with cute patterned cardstock covers.  I’ll take pictures and show you (I know you’re dying to see it!).