I’ve been glued to my computer for the past several days searching out inspirational websites, blogs and art galleries in my quest to be more creative this year. Thankfully I have a little Netbook mini laptop so when I’m out and about away from my creating-space, I can still be inspired by art.  I’m in awe of what I’m finding and my list of “want to try” stuff is growing by leaps and bounds!

Budding flower – from photowalk at Bay City State Park, Michigan

Today’s Inspiration – Art Journaling
I’ve always wanted to start an art journal – and I have started a couple time, half-heartedly.  But it seems that I have this FEAR of letting go and just creating with abandon.  I guess you could say I like things to be planned out and lined up.  I need to “see” the finished project in my head before I start, so when the idea of an art journal comes into play I realize that much of the control is taken away and I just have to let it happen as it happens.  But I’ve found some inspiration to help me get started:

Samantha Kira — The Journal Girl — She has a beautiful blog about her art journals (and various other creations) and she’s recently been published in the Art Journaling magazine.  I discovered her blog through her videos on YouTube.  Here’s one of her demonstrations on how to create layers of color on an art journal page.  Check out the rest of her videos too – she’s adorable and fun and silly and oh-so inspiring.

Millande — Millande — I’ve just barely scratched the surface with all Millande has to offer.  So far I’ve already fallen in love with this lady from the United Kingdom and just can’t get enough of her drawing, painting and art journaling. I also found her originally on YouTube – you have to watch her series on ZenDoodling 1 2 3 4 – simply amazing and inspiring!  She’s also beginning an art journal project for 2010 and is showing videos of her progress.  She’s also got an art community, but I haven’t explored that yet.

Diana TroutJournal Spilling – I found her book at Barnes & Noble a couple weeks ago while I was still contemplating this whole Create challenge.  I looked through it while I was enjoying my Starbucks, but didn’t buy it then.  Yesterday I went back and bought it.  OMG!  This book is packed with serious inspiration.  I love that she walks you through, step by step, on all the materials, supples and techniques to get started with art journaling. She issues challenges and then tells you how to accomplish them.  So glad I bought this book.  She also has a website that is touted as “bare bones at the moment” – can’t wait to see what else will be added.

YouTube – I did a search for “art journaling” on YouTube and was amazed at what I discovered. Literally thousands of videos from artists all over the world.  Then once you find an artist that intrigues you, check out all their other videos to see what else they show.  And most of these artists have blogs or websites… so then you run over to their site and see what else they are creating.  It’s addicting and amazing and inspiring.  Plus, the great thing about watching someone else create pages in their art journal is that it seems less intimidating in a way.  You see the steps they take and understand how it works and you want to get your paints out and play, play, play!

I’m going to go play now.  I’ll share with you what I create later.