Craving creativity  Curating creativity • Cultivating creativity

Creative inspiration • Creative instigation • Creative investigation

Investigate curating • Investigate inspiration • Investigate creativity

Lately I’ve been obsessed with creativity. Learning how to get more, figuring out what inspires me to be more creative, finding ways to hoard those sources of creative inspiration. I’m also curious about how I can inspire creativity in others.


What makes one person more creative than another, how do different people react to the same creative inspiration? The web is trending toward a culture of curation right now – rather than generating more and more content, people are curating the content that’s already there. Can simple curation help to inspire me and those whose lives I touch?


Can you cause one person to become more creative, simply by being more creative yourself? Can you instigate creativity? Cultivating it like you would a vegetable garden? Sowing seeds of inspiration so you can later reap the fruits of creativity.


Please join me in this quest for creativity. What inspires you? How do you stay fresh and feed your creativity so you don’t burn out? Tell me. I’d love to know your secret to staying creative.