Nie Auction Calendar Detail

Isn’t this calendar adorable?!  I’m totally in love with those buttons and all the beautiful fabric. It’s made by Rashida at I Heart Linen.  I could spend hours at her Flickr Photostream.  And she’s got a shop – the pincushions are awesome!

Can you really schedule creativity?  I dunno… but I’m certainly going to try.

The whole purpose of this {Create} blog and committment to create more is because in the past I have not taken the time to let my creativity flow and feed my soul with the things that creativity nourishes me with.  So I am making a conscious effort to infuse my life with real, hands-on art and craft activities.  But my calendar is packed, just like everyone else’s.

For the next 10 weeks, here’s the rundown of my schedule:

Monday – work (leave at 7am) then school… home by 11pm
Tuesday – work then school… home by 11pm
Wednesday – work then school… home by 11pm
Thursday – work then meeting … home by 9pm
Friday – work then home … home by 7pm
Saturday & Sunday – homework, cooking meals for the week, family stuff, whatever else comes up

So it looks like my creativity time will come sometime between Friday night after work and Sunday when I got to bed.  I know that if I don’t plan specific times on the weekends to spend in my art room that I won’t do it.  But I don’t think that’s enough.  I need to find little ways to sneak creativity into my daily life.  Here are a couple ideas…

My Moleskine is traveling with me these days.  I can pull it out at lunchtime, before class or at breaktime during class to do some sketching, journaling or doodling.

My Monday and Tuesday classes are graphic design-based (working on my Graphics Communications degree), so even though it’s a lot of book learning, I’m working on the computer in Photoshop and Illustrator with some level of creativity. So some of my classtime can “count” toward being creative and a bunch of my homework time on weekends will be spent learning the programs and pumping my creative juices into projects. (Yes you’ll get to see my progress as I learn new things – be gentle, I’m a total PS novice!)  Wednesday class is Art and Architecture… I imagine there will be some small level of creativity in learning this topic, but it’s definitely not going to be hands-on.

One other option I’m contemplating is writing again.  I have some published article here on Associated Content and I do love to write.  But I haven’t taken the time in recent months – in fact, I haven’t published anything in almost a year.  So writing would be another creative outlet for me as well.

So even though my schedule is manic at times, I’m determined to find ways to add creativity to my life. It makes me happy.  It feeds my soul.  It gives me peace and balance.  It is important to me so I will find the time to make it a part of my everyday life.