There’s a bunch of stuff I want to do.  And sometimes when I write things down and put them out to the world, I actually work harder to get ’em done.  So here we go…

  1. FELTING — I’ve got several knitted bags/purses that are all done and ready to be felted. Just need to pull them together and get them in the washing machine then get them blocked so they can dry.
  2. KNITTING — I’ve got a scarf in the works that I’d like to finish.  I actually had it nearly done but decided I didn’t like it so pulled it all out and I’m using a larger needle this time.  Plus I’ve got a new purse idea milling around in my head, so I’m sure a new project is coming soon too.
  3. BOARD BOOK — I want to make another one of those mini board books I did last weekend.  My mom “took” the one I did, so now I want another one.  This time I’d like to actually add photos or quotes or something, so it’s actually a mini scrapbook album.  The first one I made was 3×3 but I think I want to try 4×4 and see how that turns out.
  4. PHOTOGRAPHY — My photog club’s assignment this month is “silverware” — yes, taking pictures of silverware in some creative way.  Even though my school schedule conflicts with our next meeting, I still want to do the assignment.
  5. DIA — Detroit Art Institute … so this isn’t something on my creative to-do list … it’s actually an field trip with my Art History class coming up next week.  I’ll think of it as a creative venture and look for inspiration to incorporate into my artwork.  I think we have somehow gotten permission to bring in our cameras, so I’d like to see what fun things I can find.
  6. DRAWING — at the moment I’m obsessed with these doodles.  I had to stop this morning because my hand is cramping up.  I’ve made a mini doodle book (I’ll show you soon) and I’m trying to fill it up with lots of different doodles so it can be used as a display for the class sign up.
  7. PURSES — So I’m inspired again to make a purse or small tote bag out of a recycled wool sweater that’s been felted.  I’m a big thrift store shopper and I’ve got a big box of sweaters, just need to pull out the sewing machine and give this project a try.
I think that’s enough for a to-do list.  LOL!  It’s going to take me a while to tackle all of these, but at least now you know what’s on my mind.  I want to do them all right now.  I’d love to neglect all the obligations and chores and just play all day.  I wish I could!