Wow! Has it really been six months since I last posted here? It certainly hasn’t been that long since I’ve created anything, though! I’ve been creative in the kitchen and playing with my camera and busily learning all the graphic design stuff I can but mostly chained to my keyboard as I finish up the writing of my first book.

Just creating

My goal for this year was to be more creative and track my efforts toward that goal — well, I was definitely whole piles of creative. I just neglected that second part of tracking my efforts and showing them here on the blog.

So it’s now January and my mother informed me the other day that I need to come up with an idea for this year’s Gal’s Day Out craft that I’ll be teaching. Gal’s Day Out is an all-day craft day for the ladies in my mom’s church. About 150 ladies and girls get to attend three different craft classes throughout the day and can pick from over 20 different crafts to learn. Try as I might every year, my mother never lets me say “NO” to teaching a class. So after a dozen years of brainstorming, it’s getting harder and harder to come up with something creative.

But I stumbled acoss a cute idea! A Paper Patchwork Notebook over on iHanna’s blog. Check out her tutorial. My challenge is the budget. I’m allowed $3 per student for the craft project and I could easily eat up that whole budget with just a nice notebook. I’m thinking about using a hardcover composition book and relying on my own huge stash of scrap paper in my scrapbooking stash and donations of paper from church members. We’ll see if I can find a good deal on Mod Podge too.

I don’t have a deadline for my prototype yet, but I’m sure Mom will be calling soon to start bugging me for it. I might even remember to take pictures and show you all how they turned out.