Today is New Year’s Eve and I’m hanging out with Grandma tonight.  Tomorrow is our final family Christmas celebration and Grandma wanted to make the little favors for the dinner table.  So together we made some Santa Trains made out of candy.


Use double-sided tape to hold all the parts together.  Start out with a pack of gun as the base.  Add two mini candy bars taped together to form the engine at the front and a caramel on the back as the base of the smoke stack. A Hershey’s Kiss makes the smoke stack.  Add pepperment candies and mints as wheels.  And a chocolate santa sits in the engineer’s seat front and center.


Grandma had fun making the Santa Trains.  She was laughing at me for taking pictures of her and the candy.  We didn’t sneak too many “tastes” — gotta make sure the chocolate is good quality, ya know.

I love my Grandma’s hands.  So much experience and wisdom.  She’s usually got her nails painted all pretty, looks like a manicure is in order for later.


It didn’t take us too long to finish the whole bunch of them. Just needed 25 so each family member could have one of their own – young and old alike.