I am coming to realize more and more each day how much creativity and art is involved in graphic design.  Yes, I always knew it was all rolled into one – but the more I learn and the more I do, the more I realize how important my love of art plays into my digital designs.

For instance, in one of my graphic design classes this past week we were tasked with an assignment to create a ransom note from typography we found in magazines. After seeing some of the other finished projects by fellow students, I realize how much my art background (scrapbooking, paper crafting and crafting in general) play into my final projects for school.  My ransom note looked more like a page from an art journal than any others I saw in class.  Other students went the traditional route (like this picture).  I first covered my entire page with scrapes of a single color paper then sanded the black paper for an aged look… then build my words on top of that background, added a border, some alcohol inks and a coat of mod podge. (Wish I’d scanned it before turning it is!).

Another project involved re-creating a kitty litter bag and the corporate identity of the brand. Paws & Claws is actually a brand of pet food and supplies sold at Tractor Supply Company. We worked in teams to create a new kitty litter bag design. Our team also created a new logo for the brand. I love the ampersand in this design!


The more I work on graphic design projects, the more I realize how important art is in my life.  Even when I’m buried in school work or office work, when I do digital graphic design… I’m still being an artist and I’m still employing my creativity.  It all rolls into one big ball of art.