For the past few months (probably longer but I ignored it before then) I have wanted to start blogging again. Not blogging for the business or blogging for a specific purpose or niche… but blogging for me. Like the kind of blogging that got this whole blogging thing started. A web-log. A journal. A place where I can talk about whatever the heck I want to talk about and nobody is going to care if it’s on-topic or curated properly or packed with value. A place where I can write for myself and if other people want to peek into my world, that’s fine too.

So here I am. Blogging.

It’s not my first time in the blogosphere, of course. I kept a journal of my weight loss for nearly 7 years and those blog entries are all still live at Journey to a Healthier Me. Those entries will eventually make their way over here and be archived with the rest of what’s here, but not today. And probably not tomorrow either. I also started (and stopped) a blog called {Create} that was all about making artsy craftsy things and showing you how to do it too. Those blog entries are already here – just scroll back to older entries and you’ll find them.

Then there was my latest venture called Dreams with a Deadline. This one is still dear to my heart and I’m proud of what I did there. It’s still live for now – but those blog entries will come over here too and be merged with the rest. Don’t worry, I have big plans for making sure everything is categories and easy to find. Or maybe I’ll just leave it all in a big pile of beautiful chaos and just let you have fun digging through the archives of my mind.

So anyway, Dreams… that website is all about dreaming BIGGER and setting bigger goals and taking big action to reaching those goals. The deadline part is about achieving all these big goals by the time I’m 50 years old. Time marches on. I’m 47 now and time is a tickin’! I’m definitely further down the road now than I was when I started that blog, but I’ve gotten  a long ways to go before I hit those big goals. Once those articles are here I’ll start writing about that part of my life a bit more and add to that journal.

So you’ve stumbled across this blog post. Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. For now it’s a secret. I’m not advertising that I’m doing this yet – there’s a lot of construction to do first. So if you’re here in real time, just keep it under your hat for me. It can be like we’re part of a super secret club or something.

What’s the plan here anyway? Is it just going to be about Pam yammering on about life and goals and nonsense? That sounds pretty boring. I know. I lead a pretty normal, ordinary, non-exciting life. So I’ll try to keep it as non-boring as possible. But here’s the plan:

  • Revive Dreams with a Deadline – I really do want to achieve those big goals I’ve set. I really do want to finish writing that book I started. I really do want to teach you how to achieve your own big goals and see if we can do this big thing together. Cheer each other on. Celebrate the success of those in a Dreams with a Deadline community.
  • Creativity is important to me – I’m a graphic artist at my day job as well as in my business (Tremble Creative Services). Both of those things drain my creative juices regularly. I need art in my life to refuel and recharge. Not just digital art either… I need to get my hands dirty, get splinters, splatter paint on my face, use my brain to solve problems and come out the other end with something tangible I can touch and feel and experience.
  • I love to travel, want to come along? I try to take at least one big trip every year and a few smaller weekend trips closer to home. I even love day trips to festivals or just go out for a drive to take in the scenes. I think I have a unique perspective because I’m a solo female traveler and I don’t let that hold me back. I’ve always loved reading travel journals of other vacationers and have wanted one of my own. So I guess this is my chance, huh? I keep an art journal while I’m on my trips, but I’d love a longer narrative place that I could go into more details about my plans, experiences, tips and adventures.
  • I learn, you learn. One of the great things I loved about keeping the blog during my weight loss journey was that it became a place for me to “dump” information and be able to refer back to it later. I could do an in-depth research project on any random topic related to my weight loss, then dump all that research, my opinions, my findings into a blog post and it became a valued library for me. As it turns out, that’s what most of my readers loved about my site too. I have a lot of stuff in my head that I’d like to write about and just get it down on paper so I don’t have to store it inside my head anymore. I’ve done a lot of learning in the past few years about business, marketing, branding, graphic design, and traveling.
  • A place to show my work. I’m a graphic designer. I’ve made a lot of really cool things. Clients hire me to do more cool things for them. They trust me because someone else told them to trust me. That’s a great way to keep busy. But it’s not a great way to operate my business. Yes, I need a portfolio on my biz site and I’ll get to that too. But here, on this site, I want to show off the stuff I’m most proud of. The stuff that doesn’t fit into the box I need to keep the business stuff confined to. I have won design awards. I’ve done work for some amazing publications and projects and my work has been seen all over the world. I don’t mean to brag or anything, but I’d like to have a place for all that stuff to live and this is the place for that. It’s going to take a bunch of time for me to build that. But it’s on the list. I’ve written it down here and I’m committed to building it. Soon.
  • My hammock on the web. As I say on the homepage of this website – this is just my small slice of the web where all my various interests come together into a tidy little pile of chaos. I’ve owned this domain name forever but never really did much with it other than host some documents to use elsewhere. But I’d really like to move in here, unpack my stuff and make it a home. I don’t know what it’ll become or where it’s going. But they say that everyone should have a “personal brand” and I guess this is as good as it’s going to get. My plan:  don’t over-think it. This blog post, for instance, is being written right in the editor on the backend of this site. It’s not being drafted in a document, edited, revised, keyworded and retooled until it’s exactly on-brand and sounds perfect. Sure, Grammarly is helping to keep my spelling errors in check, but mostly I’m just writing whatever comes to mind next. That’s my hope for most of the writing that happens here. We’ll see how it goes.

If you don’t know me already, you’ll find that I’m long winded. I type fast (because being a secretary for 15 years sort of makes you a fast typer), so it doesn’t feel like I’m writing a lot of words until I look back and realize how long stuff is. So this is your fair warning. I type a lot. Read it if you want. Skim it if you want. Or just look at the pretty pictures. I understand.

Welcome! I’m glad you’re here. Give me a shout and let me know you’re here. Best place to find me these days is on Instagram @pamtremble