This morning I listened to a podcast where Shawn Blanc was being interviewed about focus and using deep work to experience success in business. Someone in the podcast audience asked him the question:

How do you get over being afraid so you can birth a new idea?

Shawn’s response? You never really get over being afraid. Instead, you need to learn how to persist despite the fear, uncertainty, and doubt. You need to start thinking about fear as a sign post on your path. When you come to the sign on the road that proclaims fear, take this as the signal that you’re on the right road to achieving something important.

I like this philosophy. It sounds great on paper. It’s not so easy in reality, but I suspect the more often you persist through the fear the easier it gets. I think it has a lot to do with being self-aware and being comfortable with feeling your emotions and not letting those emotions and fears dictate your actions.

I’m definitely no expert in persisting through fear. But hearing Shawn’s words today has given me the inspiration to practice and do better.