Design Resources



As a graphic designer I have the opportunity to use many different vendors – both local and online. Below are companies who provide outstanding service and I highly recommend you contact them about their services.

Printing Resources


Future Reproductions

Laura provides outstanding customer service and professional printing services in the Southeast Michigan area. I have never been disappointed with their work and they get top marks in my book! Rush  jobs, unusual projects, crazy designer requests (yes, that’s me!), bending over backwards for the client… none of that is a problem for Laura. She’s amazing!



This online printing company is a great option for standard printed needs. Most print jobs are delivered in 7 days and always with consistently good quality.  I have found that UPrinting is reliably one of the lowest priced online printers. Their easy to use price quoting calculator makes it fast to estimate project costs for clients even before materials are designed. (Disclaimer: the link here is connected to my affiliate account.)


48 Hour Print

Another online printing company. Just like their business name implies, nearly all print jobs take 48 hours to complete. What’s unique about this online print company is that they have three production plants in the United States, and your print job is processed at the location closest to you. So when you combine very fast turnaround time inside the plant and speedy shipping because of close proximity, you get your materials quickly. I’ve always been impressed with the printed materials I receive from 48 Hour Print too.  (Disclaimer: the link here is connected to my affiliate account.)


Web Hosting Service Resources



This website is hosted on Bluehost and several other sites I’ve designed are also hosted on Bluehost. I can not say enough great things about this company – they are truly awesome! Whenever I have a question about the service or some technical thingie I don’t understand, I always get a live person when I call. They are located in Utah and their customer service representatives work in the United States. And when you call, they pick up the phone on the first ring and I  have never had to wait or be put on hold. Plus, when I speak to them… they know the answers to my questions instantly. I love educated representatives who care about my business as much as their own. If you’re looking for a host, I highly recommend Bluehost. (Disclaimer: the link here is connected to my affiliate account.)


Multi-Media Services Resources


Voice-Over Narration by Robert Dustman

I used to be Bob’s secretary before he retired to work on his Bucket List. With Bob’s years of experience as a radio broadcaster and video voice-over specialist, he has the perfect voice for your project. He has many talents, not just voice-over. He is an outstanding writer and media relations manager too. If you’re in Southeast Michigan and need a deep, soothing voice, give Bob a call.


Video Production by Mad Habit Creative

If you’re looking for creative, dynamic and out-of-the-box media production, then Mad Habit Creative is your answer.  I’ve worked with Tommy and Tom (yes, two Toms own this company!) on a number of projects and I’m constantly awed by their talent in video production.


Public Relations & Marketing


Hermanoff Public Relations

Sandy Hermanoff is a true professional and knows how to get your business noticed. I’ve worked with her on a variety of projects and I’m so happy to be on her team and see what a asset she is for her clients.  “Hermanoff is a proven creative powerhouse, capable of turning unknown entities into household names. If your organization is looking to stand out — look no further than Hermanoff — where ideas are made fresh daily.”